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Mgr. Ladislav Topinka

   Research Worker                  

Contact Information:

Office Phone: +420 - 506 - 485 - 350
mail: drosophila@seznam.cz


                   Key Word                      

Drosophile melanogaster, life span, mobility, geroprotektive substance, ageing.


Faculty of Science Masaryk University, Department of Genetics and
Molecular Biology in town Brno.


Now I have developed special test for testing of different natural and pharmaceutical substances on Drosophila melanogaster.With such work I have 3 years experience and I have credible results. I think that this method has usage in antiageing research and in pharmaceutical industries . Now I able to do such tests for anybody and I am looking for cooperation with  company  which  have interest about such tests. I have very serious interest work in some antiageing  programme but I did not find any such job here and therefore I do research in my free time.Now I have results  from 20 tests and in next page you can see some results.

Sincerely  Ladislav